A Michigan man who shot an unarmed black woman as she sought help after a car wreck is set to start trial Monday.

A judge and jury will determine if Ted Wafer, 55, used deadly force based on a reasonable fear that he was at risk when he shot and killed Renisha McBride. 

From Associated Press:

Roused from sleep by the sound of pounding in the wee hours, a suburban Detroit man grabbed his shotgun, opened the front door and blasted a young woman in the face. […]

Jury selection starts Monday in a trial that will put Wafer’s self-defense claim to a tough test. The 19-year-old woman, Renisha McBride, was drunk but unarmed when she climbed the steps of his Dearborn Heights porch, 3 1/2 hours after crashing her car a few blocks away.

Wafer, an airport employee who lives alone, is charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter and use of a gun during a crime. If convicted of the murder charge, he could face up to life in prison, although the actual term would likely be shorter.

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Civil rights activists and supporters across the nation immediately called racism after the shooting – Wafer is white and McBride was black. Some compared it to the 2012 killing of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin.

Wafer’s attorney argues that “if Ms. McBride had stayed at the scene of her car crash, where help was on the way, Mr. Wafer would never have been put in the situation…to use deadly force to protect himself.”

Prosecutors, however, argue Wafer had a better choice. If he were afraid, he should have stayed behind his locked doors and called 911.

We’ve been let down by the Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis verdicts. Will justice FINALLY be served in this case?

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