Ladies and gentlemen, Jesus and Yeezus is in the building.

During his tour, rapper Kanye West performed his Grammy award-winning track, “Jesus Walks.” Get this, he actually brought Jesus on stage, or an impersonator at least.

From Fansided:

While performing in Seattle recently he invited the man himself up on to stage, or at least an actor portraying him. It is hard to make out exactly what Kanye is saying over the crowd in the beginning of the video. It sounds like he is asking if that’s him and saying he has been looking for him his whole life. Jesus says he found Kanye it sounds like.

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West then goes on to say that he can’t believe that he said something in front of Jesus.

Check out the video:

Anyone else wonder why he couldn’t be a man of color? White Jesus Kanye? Come on.

Thoughts on the stunt?

Is this a higher level of creativity or is Kanye just being plain outrageous?

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