Kanye West has reportedly paid $250,000 to an 18-year-old man who accused the star of beating him up.

West, 36, became the target of a battery assault investigation after he reportedly chased the teen into a chiropractor’s office and punched him after the man hurled racial slurs at Kim Kardashian. 

From the Daily Mail:

TMZ reports the duo have now come to an agreement and Kanye has paid $250,000 to the man who no longer wishes to go ahead with prosecution.

While the District Attorney has not yet decided whether to charge Kanye with battery, if he does go ahead it will be harder to prove his guilt without a willing witness.

TMZ also reports the alleged racial abuse by the victim means jurors won’t mean sympathetic to him.

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The altercation unfolded two weeks ago when Kim ran into the man who held the door open for her as she walked into a furniture showroom in Beverly Hills. As she walked in, the guy allegedly said “F**k these f****t ass n***ers’ referring the the paparazzi.”

Kardashian told the man that the n-word wasn’t appropriate. He then turned to her and said “f**k you b**ch. Just trying to help you. Shut up n***er lover, stupid slut.” Kardashian phoned West who showed up minutes later and punched the guy.

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