This hasn’t been a very good year for free agent NFL safety Kerry Rhodes.

Over the summer, his former assistant pretty much outed him, claiming that the two had more than a working relationship. 

Now the season is underway and Rhodes is still out of a gig.

From Deadspin:

Apart from the retired Ronde Barber, Rhodes is the only player in PFF’s top 30 safeties from 2012 that doesn’t currently have a job. Look at his career stats and you will see that there was no obvious drop-off in the quality of Rhodes’s play in 2012 compared to the seven previous seasons. He’s been serviceable at worst and Pro Bowl-caliber at best. Nothing about him has changed except for the fact that someone put up a picture of him with his arm around a dude. Rhodes has vehemently denied the gay rumors, and yet the mere suspicion of his gayness seems to have been enough to make him unemployable.

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Earlier this year NBA free agent Jason Collins came out as gay. He also remains a free agent.

Wow. A very good player unemployed after gay rumors surface. 


Thoughts on this?

Do you think the NFL is blacklisting Rhodes due to rumors of his sexuality?

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