According to several recent news reports, Kim Kardashian West is speaking up – through counsel – to help two imprisoned Black women.

Kardashian West added her voice to those of celebrities who called for justice for Cyntoia Brown, the 29-year-old Black woman who was forced into teen prostitution, survived sex trafficking abuse and was later convicted for the murder of Johnny Mitchell Allen, a man who solicited Brown for sex. Brown is serving a life sentence in Tennessee. Her attorneys and supporters maintain that she killed the man in self-defense.

Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, T.I., LeBron James and several other celebrities posted supportive statements about Brown online. But, Kardashian West went steps further than digital posting. The entrepreneur asked her legal team to intervene on Brown’s behalf.

Shawn Holley, Kardashian West’s attorney, shared that her client also asked for Holley’s assistance on behalf of Alice Johnson. Johnson is a 62-year-old woman who has spent 21 years of a life sentence imprisoned – for a nonviolent drug conviction. The mother, grandmother and great-grandmother is imprisoned in Alabama.

Plainly put, many aspects of the Kardashian family and their crew are deeply troubling and racially insensitive. However, if they pause from cultural mimicry to actually help people in and of Black culture, the family just might endear themselves to people who have trained ourselves to scroll past, mute, block and ignore their latest so-seeming stunts.