KRS-One’s latest music video for a track called “Real Terrorism” has been banned from YouTube, one of very few videos to receive such a response from the generally-lax video sharing site.

Featuring protégé Greenie, “Real Terrorism” takes America to task for atrocities committed against innocent civilians around the world, while calling into question our use of the word “terrorism” to describe those whom KRS and Greenie feel are simply fighting back against a far-more-powerful aggressor.

And while the video’s images are  difficult to take, one has to wonder if the politics of the song and video had something to do with it being banned. Last year, a similarly disturbing and fiercely political M.I.A. music video was banned from YouTube as well.

The music video is extremely graphic, composed of horrifying images of destruction, dead bodies and other sorts of “collateral damage.” We repeat, “Real Terrorism” is extremely disturbing, but it espouses a honest and raw perspective that deserves to be seen and heard.  Check out the music video below.

Obviously, viewer discretion is advised.


“Real Terrorism” by KRS-One and Greenie