Lady Gaga’s much-hyped and controversial (even though no one had even seen it yet) music video for “Judas” finally saw the light of day yesterday afternoon. And it’s basically amazing.

“Judas” has a “Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet” vibe to it. The 12 disciples are a badass motorcycle gang and Jesus is a light-skinned black dude with cornrows and a gold crown of thorns atop his head, with Gaga (as Mary Magdalene) riding shotgun.

As with all of Gaga’s videos since “Paparazzi,” “Judas” was clearly a massive production, and I think it was well worth it. The cinematography is perfect, the acting is uniformly detached and sexy (in a True Blood kind-of-way, as Rolling Stone noted), and the fashion is over-the-top and gorgeous.

What some people might find offensive about this video, I’ll never understand. But you can judge for yourself below.



Meanwhile, baddest-bitch-ever Nicki Minaj released her latest single and music video yesterday as well. “Super Bass” is a bonus track from Pink Friday, and it’s probably her catchiest single yet.

Likewise, “Super Bass” is clearly Minaj’s best video thus far, mixing the sexiness of a Ciara video with the kookiness of a Katy Perry clip. She straddles a motorcycle ice sculpture while wearing a skin tight one piece that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination, flirts with some absurdly good-looking men by a pool that’s floating in the sky (and filled with pink paint), and gives a sultry lap-dance while surrounded by doppelgangers.

In contrast with the “Judas” video (which is supposed to be “Art,” with a capital A), “Super Bass” is fun, flirty, sexy, girlie, and gay, and I love it.

Check the video for “Super Bass,” and spill your guts on these two visual extravaganzas below.