Laverne Cox has just made history. Cox has become the first transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy.

Cox is up for the “Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series” for her work on the Netflix hit, Orange is the New Black. The show received 12 nominations.

From USA Today:

It’s been an amazing year: the Orange star covered Time magazine, “I got to meet the president, I have an Emmy nomination and I can afford to redecorate my apartment. I have a publicist who connected this call. Everything is different,” she says in amazement.

“My whole life has changed. People recognize me wherever I go. Nothing is the same it was last year,” Cox adds. The actress had just gotten off the phone with her mom, whom she hopes to take as her Emmys date.

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In May, the television star and activist made history by becoming the first-ever transgender person on TIME magazine’s cover.

Congratulations to Laverne Cox on her historic nomination!

Does LaVerne Cox’s acceptance into mainstream Hollywood reveal a more inclusive society when it comes to the trans community?

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