According to papers filed in a New York court, a Brooklyn cop kicked a 10-year-old boy in the shin, breaking his leg as the child recorded him with his cell phone.

Police appeared at the boy’s mother Krystle Silvera’s Flatbush home looking for her ex-boyfriend. The lawsuit also contains allegations that Silvera was sexually assaulted by an officer. 

From New York Daily News:

Krystle’s son Courtney Silvera was eating his breakfast cereal when the cops began knocking on the door.

The visit soon spiraled out of control shortly after cops began pounding on the front door at 7 a.m. on Jan. 30, 2013, according to the complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Silvera’s 61-year-old mother, who is suffering from brain and lung cancer, answered the door but had difficulty understanding the cops’ reason for being there, the suit said. The curious child went to see what was going on, grabbed his mother’s cell phone and began recording the commotion.

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Silvera said her son recorded the incident because he is fascinated by police, and they had been to the residence before in response to a domestic violence complaint.

The cop didn’t like being recorded and assaulted the child. Silvera had been upstairs getting her 5-year-old daughter ready for school. She bolted down the stairs after hearing the commotion and was grabbed by an officer who pulled her outside in the cold.

While she was being restrained, her breast popped out of her bra revealing a piercing. According to the suit, an officer flicked the piercing and said “Is this what mothers look like these days?”  The boy was taken to Kings County Medical Center and was treated for a fractured leg.

The NYPD has opened an investigation into the incident.

What should happen to the officers involved?

How much of an impact does the lawsuit have on injustice executed by police departments?

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