The mother of a New York teen who was left quadriplegic after an encounter with New York City police says that excessive force led to her son’s condition.

Karen Fludd’s 17-year-old Deion Fludd eventually succumbed to injuries sustained from the incident. 

From DNAinfo:

The Red Hook mother said she has received very little information about what transpired — but what she does know is her son’s version of events involves accusations of excessive force and widely diverges from the vague account police gave her.

The police told her that on May 5, 2013, four officers spotted her son, Deion Fludd, and his girlfriend squeezing through a turnstile at the Rockaway Avenue station in Brownsville on a single MetroCard swipe. After the officers asked for their identifications and began to make an arrest, Deion fled, running onto the C train tracks, the police told her.

Karen, 48, said police told her that after her son took off, a subway train clipped him, fracturing his skull and two parts of his spine, according to police.

But before he died from his injuries on July 12, 2013, Deion gave his mother a blow-by-blow account that didn’t involve a subway train.

“We asked him if he got hit by a train. He immediately said, ‘No,’” Karen recalled her son telling her at Kings County Hospital, where he was treated for nearly two months. “He was very adamant that he did not get hit by a train.”

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Karen says that her son admitted to fleeing from police when the officers tried to arrest him, running the length of the subway platform. He was caught by an officer and hit in the back of the head with a flashlight.

Deion told his mother that officers then held him down with his feet on his back as he struggled. “They said, ‘Oh, you gonna be running? We are going to make sure your ass don’t run again,’” Deion recalled the officers telling him, according to Karen. Before falling out of consciousness, Deion remembered being taken back to the tracks.

Karen wants to know if the officers tried to cover up her son’s injuries by placing him on the tracks and claiming a train hit him. She filed a lawsuit on March 26 against the four officers, the NYPD and the MTA.

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