Cancer survivor: I was fired for refusing to tame Afro


A former security guard is suing the Brooklyn arena’s security team for $900,000.

Tiffany Bryan, 27, alleges that her bosses at AEG Worldwide ridiculed her hair when she was an employee at the Barclays Center. 

From The New York Post:

“It was ridiculous,” Bryan, now a mail carrier, told The Post. “I couldn’t understand what they had a problem with. I would get compliments all the time from people at events at Barclays.”

Bryan said she had chosen to keep her scalp chemical free in 2008 after her hair grew back following successful chemotherapy to battle bone-marrow cancer.

“I just didn’t want to put any chemicals in it after that,” she told The Post. “After you lose it, you don’t want to do anything that might cause a problem again.” Bryan said she was first hired by AEG Worldwide in September 2013 and didn’t receive any hair-related reprimands until security supervisor Denise Brown told her last March that she “looked like she stuck her finger in a socket and was electrocuted.”

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According to the suit, Bryan says she was told that she “needed to do something with her hair” and that it needed to be “tamed.”

She agreed to the demands, but said her bosses crossed the line when they demanded she put her hair in a ponytail despite telling them her hair could not do that.

An AEG rep did not return the New York Post’s call for comment.

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