A California lawyer who is representing the family of a teenager girl declared brain dead has pinned an open letter in defense of the family’s decision.

Christopher Dolan’s letter appeared in the Los Angeles Times earlier this week. 

From the Los Angeles Times:

I am the attorney who answered a call for help from Jahi McMath’s family in December. I have represented them for free — starting 10 hours before the first order to turn off Jahi’s ventilator at Children’s Hospital Oakland — as they have fought for their right to make medical decisions for a beloved child.

Despite the incendiary, hateful public rhetoric that has surrounded this case, I believe that self-interest alone should lead most Americans to thank Nailah Winkfield, Jahi’s anguished mother, for her courage.

It has been amazing to see how many people think they have a right to an opinion about this child, this mother, this family and the issues in this case. Self-righteous commenters and commentators who have no firsthand knowledge of the facts or the people involved pretend they can somehow know not only what’s best for Jahi but what’s best for society in such situations. They take it upon themselves to proclaim what will relieve or prolong the family’s suffering, what will desecrate Jahi or honor her, and they feel justified in sharing it with the world in mean-spirited terms.

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McMath was declared brain dead after going into cardiac arrest after a routine tonsillectomy. McMath’s family was in a heated court battle with Children’s Memorial Oakland, as the hospital refused to provide further treatment for the child after declaring her brain dead.

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