A small town in Texas has become the first city to officially ban undocumented immigrant children.

League City council members passed a resolution Tuesday evening that makes it illegal for undocumented children to enter the municipality. 

From Houston Chronicle:

League City Council Member Heidi Thiess drafted the measure, which declines to accept federal requests to operate detention or processing centers in the city. “Health and safety” concerns were cited among the reasons for the proposed ordinance.

More than 25 residents spoke during the public comment section of Tuesday’s council meeting, which followed a public workshop on Monday night. The resolution passed 6-2.

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Thiess announced the passing of a similar measure by commissioners in Galveston County based on the League City proposal. The are no known requests to bring unescorted children to League City.

Earlier Tuesday, the Obama administration announced plans to request $3.7 billion from Congress to handle the influx of undocumented children who are crossing into America from Mexico.

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