Black folks, especially black women, may be flocking to theaters to see The Butler, but the movie’s director, Lee Daniels has yet to respond to some unflattering and rather stereotypical remarks about them.


In an interview with Larry King, Daniels, who is gay, was discussing homophobia and sexually transmitted infections in the black community.


He relayed a story in which he walked into a gay men’s health clinic in New York, and thought he’d entered a “welfare clinic.”


“I expected to see a room full of gay men, but there are nothing but women that are there – black women with kids, I thought I had walked into the welfare office,” he said.


After a backlash, many expected an apology from Daniels to be forthcoming.

It wasn’t.


Instead of admitting his mistake and showing remorse for validating such hurtful stereotypes about his own culture, he simply said that he loved black women so much that he wished he was straight.


“To be a gay man, I’m obsessed with and I’m in love with black women,” he told The Huffington Post. “They are everything to me.”


Read more at the Atlanta Black Star.


What do you think of Daniels’ “sorry-not-sorry” response?

Should he give a genuine apology?

Do his remarks make you rethink his films (Precious, The Butler)?

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