While being featured on CNN’s recent “n-word” discussion, LeVar Burton shared his protocol for dealing with being stopped by the police.

From Think Progress:

Listen, I’m gonna be honest with you, and this is a practice I engage in every time I’m stopped by law enforcement. And I taught this to my son who is now 33 as part of my duty as a father to ensure that he knows the kind of world in which he is growing up. So when I get stopped by the police, I take my hat off and my sunglasses off, I put them on the passenger’s side, I roll down my window, I take my hands, I stick them outside the window and on the door of the driver’s side because I want that officer to be relaxed as possible when he approaches my vehicle. And I do that because I live in America.


Check out a clip below:



Thoughts on LeVar Burton’s methods? Can you relate?

Have you taught your children something similar?

How do you handle interactions with police?

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