The latest “accidental” form of discrimination to hit social media is Fast Company’s list of “25 Of The Smartest Women On Twitter.”

Out of all of the wonderfully creative women of color on the social media site, not one was selected for the list.

From Huffington Post:

 The response from black twitter is unfolding in the form of a hashtag: #SmartBlackWomenOnTwitter, with many mentioning the writer of the article directly. (There’s some variations on the hashtag including #SmartBlackWomenOfTwitter)

While the lack of color on this list may not have been an intentional one by the writer, she likely pulled from those she follows and those in her circle. Yet, it shows a clear need for influential writers who make strong claims about who is the smartest, best, or most innovative, to open up and look beyond their immediate circles.

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Fast Company has since responded to #SmartBlackWomenOnTwitter, thanking tweeters for their feedback on the list. The company will also release a full list that reflects a more diverse group of smart women.

Here we go again. The good thing is that there is strength in numbers.

Kudos to all of the strong tweeters of color who stood up for their rights!

It seems like social media is becoming a driving force for activism.

How do you see to tool being used to foster equality for people of color?