WE DONT NEED NO WOMEN LOOKIN LIKE NO MEN. So slap some lipstick on, curly ya hair, let da finger nail polish sparkle, and finish it all off wit a brand new face of makeup!!!

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THIS IS RIDICULOUS! After the controversy last month about Caster Semenya’s gender, to me it is quite apparent that this “new look” was forced. Is the world THAT afraid of a woman who doesn’t fit the traditional “wear a dress, sit down and speak when spoken to” stereotype. I’m not against women having the choice to add to their bodies. I think if they like it, then they should wear as much makeup and other accessories as they want. What I am against is changing an 18 year old girl, to fit into the little box of what others feel more comfortable with.   blog12 cornrolls

However, I must caution my words a little bit because even though I don’t believe her, the fact still remains that Ms. Semenya went on record and said that she liked the makeover. Semenya told the BBC: “I’d like to dress up more often and wear dresses but I never get the chance. I am who I am and I’m proud of myself.”

I am glad that she is proud of herself; however, I think she should have said that she is proud of her new self. I have neither read nor seen anything from Semenya’s past that suggested she would want this type of makeover. The headline on the Magazine “We turned power girl, into glamour girl—and she loves it” still annoys the hell out of me.

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Then again, if I was trying to keep my career, future endorsements, and continue to do what I love, I might drink a couple protein shakes, turn on a sports game and put a little more base in my voice. (*joking)

All I can wish for at this point is that I am wrong in my assumptions, and that it was Caster Semenya’s choice to have this makeover. I hope that the ignorance of the world has not (once again) triumphed over another persons individuality. I pray that Semenya did not allow the world to change her natural self because she didn’t fit into the right image of what the media or anyone else wanted her to look like.

If so, this day is another step back for all of mankind. The gender struggle continues.