A Fulton County judge will not indict Union City police officer Luther Lewis for shooting unarmed 19 year-old Ariston Waiters late last year.

On December 11, 2011, police were called to break up a fight. According to NewsOne, an altercation ensued involving Waiters and Lewis, resulting in Waiters being shot in the back.

While police insist Waiters reached for Lewis’ gun, the family of the slain teeen doubt the veracity of the “official account,” and vow to continue fighting for justice for Ariston.

From NewsOne:

“‘We’re not done. This family’s not done. They’re just hurting. Hurting in an unimaginable way. It’s just beyond belief that he’ll get to go back to work and she’ll never see her son again,’ said attorney Mawli Davis.

Officer Lewis says he is not sure if he will return to work over fears some in the community may hold ‘hostility’ towards him.”

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