“Yeah, we saw that. Don’t worry, we got you.”

Did you see when BET put that ad on television after the Billboard Music Awards’ Prince Tribute, which featured Madonna?

Well, there were some remarks that brought up the issue that there were no black women at the tribute, however the queen of vogue-ing, Madonna, hit the stage with zero qualms. For the last set of the award show, Madonna performed “Nothing Compares 2 U”, which was written by Prince, but was popularized by Sinead O’Connor.

Well, Black Twitter decided to go all the way in on her, but it seems like BET got the last laugh when they put out a tweet, which has since been deleted, after the performance that said “Yeah, we saw that. Don’t worry. We got you. #BETAwards.” It only makes it a little funnier when you realize that it also appeared on the television promotion ad immediately after the performance. Talk about marketing!

And Madonna has had enough.

On Saturday, Madonna decided to throw some shade via Instagram, when she put up a post that was captioned, “Wearing the jacket Prince gave me without permission from BET. Lol!” So, yes, Madonna has got some tricks up her sleeves too, guys. In her next post, she put up a picture of herself wearing sunnies and captioned the picture “I Will Shade You” alongside the sunglasses emoji and laughter.

The BET Awards will air on June 26, and I wonder if Madonna will be in attendance, but if not, they certainly have the entire pop culture circuit waiting to see this tribute, especially seeing how the last one that really blew our socks away was the one they did for Michael Jackson.

Can this one top the MJ tribute? I guess we’ll have to see.

(Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage)