It’s an autumn Thursday, which means of course, that there will be football played somewhere. This evening, Miles College and Lane College will square off in a Division II football game.

And get this: this will be the first college football game officiated by a majority women crew.

The crew, headed by Yvonda Lewis, is comprised of Krystle Apellaniz, Sabrina Brunson and Tangela Mitchell who will serve as line judge, back judge and field judge respectively.

From Think Progress:

“This is a special opportunity for not only the group of ladies selected to officiate the game, but all officials in the SIAC,” Harold Mitchell, who supervises officials for the SIAC, told the AP. “To that point, it’s also very important for everyone to understand that the selected crew are all outstanding officials, and not just females.”

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Yvonda Lewis became the first woman to officiate a Southwest Athletic Conference game in 2009.


The only men’s professional sports league to regularly feature female officials is the NBA.

What do you think of women officiating football games?

When will the NFL and MLB follow in the NBA’s footsteps and have women referees? 

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