A University of Alabama sorority has elected its first black president. The majority white organization Sigma Delta Tau voted Hannah Patterson into the position last week. Patterson, who has been a member of the sorority for a year, says that she ran for president to help her sorority grow.

From WSFA 12:

The 22-year-old engineering student went through formal sorority recruitment but didn’t find one that fit. She doesn’t believe her race played a role.But Patterson bonded with the sisters of Sigma Delta Tau, a historically Jewish sorority, during a period of informal recruiting.

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Patterson is one of three black members in the chapter. She doesn’t believe her race played a role with her election.  “The girls voted for me because they saw my leadership skills and everything. I guess that was kind of a coincidence. But I didn’t think they looked at my race,” Patterson said.

Congratulations to Hannah for making history!


Thoughts on the election?

Do you believe that Patterson’s race played a role in her being elected to the role?

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