An angry mob in Uganda burned a man alive for allegedly being gay. The incident occurred in December, but has been brought to light due to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signing a controversial anti-gay bill into law.

From Ynaija:

…the latest photo to make social media rounds, this time first appearing on imgur of that of what the posting individual has termed gay person burned alive by anti gay mob in Uganda. The harrowing image involves that of an individual, one assumes a gay person who has literally been burned alive. How or why the circumstances have come to be are not known.

As the deceased lies forlorn near railway tracks, onlookers, including children look on, one imagines resigned, elated that yet another individual has been ‘appropriately punished’ for having gone against the grain of society.

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The image follows the release of a video showing two gay men beaten to death by an angry mob with planks of wood. In the video, police were seen standing with the crowd as the act occurred.

Uganda’s anti-gay bill makes homosexual acts punishable by life in prison.

Are you shocked by the level of hate and cruelty people have against those who are gay?

Should the U.S. and other countries intervene?

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