A Houston area man says he found a noose hanging in his workplace not once, but twice in the same week.

Jeremee Molo first noticed a noose hanging from a piece of equipment at Atlas Copco on Tuesday. 

From Click 2 Houston:

“It caught my attention, right then and there,” said Molo.

Molo used his cellphone to take pictures of the noose. He said he understands the noose is historically a symbol of racial hatred.

“It kind of hit me hard because of my grandparents and they used to tell me about it all the time,” said Molo. Molo said he complained to a co-worker, hoping it would be gone by the time he returned to the job site for his next shift.

However, Molo said he found a noose hanging in the same room two days later. Molo said he then complained to the company’s human resources department. “I asked her what kind of actions is she going to take,” said Molo.

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It’s been a week since Molo met with his human resources department. He has not heard anything from them, and has asked local activists to get involved.

“We’re asking for this company to demonstrate to their employees and the community that with this type of behavior there is a zero tolerance policy for it within that company,” said activist Quanell X.

Atlas Copco. Manager Mark Steven told Local 2 that the company is taking the noose and Molo’s complaint very seriously. They are in the midst of an investigation.


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