A Detroit man says that he was ordered to sing and dance by police while an officer video-taped the incident. 55-year-old Scipio lives in a boarding house in the city, and often wanders into Grosse Pointe Park collecting cans.

Scipio, unaware that he was being filmed by the officers, felt humiliated. Activists in the city are accusing officers in the department of filming blacks in humiliating situations, and then sharing the videos with family and friends.

From WJBK:

Minister Malik Shabazz and a group of activists converged to the Grosse Pointe Park police department Wednesday.  They met with Police Chief David Hiller and the city’s attorney. Shabazz is demanding the officers behind the videos be fired, but he’s agreed to give the chief time to investigate.

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Some resident feel that the entire instance has been blown out of proportion.

Grosse Pointe Police department heads are conducting an internal investigation. At the conclusion of the self-investigation, Michigan State Police may initiate their own investigation.

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