Chris LeDay found himself in police custody only a day after helping circulate the video of Alton Sterling’s death at the hands of Baton Rouge police, according to Complex. While LeDay didn’t originally capture the footage, he’s been credited as the first person to help it spread to a wider audience.

LeDay went onto his own Facebook account last week to detail his account of being detained by police after showing up for his job at the Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Georgia. The Atlanta native claims that police told him he fit the description of someone wanted on a charge of battery. 

When LeDay got to the station, no one brought up any mention of the charge – which he was already surprised by – and instead told that he had unpaid parking tickets and was driving on a suspended license. He spent the night in custody and was released the next day after paying $1,231. While he confirmed that his license was suspended, he told Photography Is Not A Crime that he wasn’t driving to work and took Uber.

If one didn’t know better, it sounds like he was targeted by police while they combed through his past to find something that they could use to keep him in custody for a while. LeDay also feels that his arrest was used to serve as an example.

Photo Courtesy: Facebook