Four Philadelphia police officers are at the center of controversy and outrage after a cell phone video surfaced showing them brutally beating 18 year-old Marcus Warryton.

Warryton had been pulled over for allegedly running a stop sign. The video begins with the young man being pressed against a police car by two officers. Warryton seems to be resisting. Two more officers arrive and, a few baton shots later, Warryton is on the ground and no longer posing a threat.

But the officers continue beating him, splitting his head open and splattering blood across the pavement.

From NewsOne:

“Blood covered the pavement where the young man was being beaten. The beating, which began in the middle of the street, moved towards the street curb where officers asked Warryton to roll over on his stomach. Warryton was slow to respond. And for good reason.

How could he have followed those instructions after receiving multiple baton shots to the head? The young man was clearly dazed and unable to follow the instructions, but the cops continued to beat him anyway for to obeying them. Once the young man was completely on the ground, one of the officers placed his foot on Warryton’s head.

This was clearly a case of police brutality. But Philly’s top cop, who is black, doesn’t agree.

‘I think the video clearly shows he was resisting arrest,’ said Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey.”



Was the level of forced used against Marcus Warryton justified?

Will the four officers involved in this incident face any real consequences?

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