Maya Angelou, in an interview with MSNBC’s Politics Nation


“Too many young black men and women don’t know that they’ve already been paid for, don’t know some of the great men and women who have lived in this world and paid for them already,” she explained. “It’s important for young black men and women. I think it’s imperative for young white men and women. You see, only equals make friends. Any other relationship is out-of-order.”

“I continue to say to young people, You are cared for,” she said. “They are worth everything. Women are better than being called the “b” word, and blacks are better than being called the ‘n’ word.”

“No matter what your race group, no matter what your age group, you are better than being called the word that would deny your humanity.”

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Thoughts on Maya Angelou’s sentiments?

Is the use of the “b-word” and “n-word” particularly prevalent in today’s generation of young people?

Does context matter?

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