Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel would like to sell several vacant lots in the city’s Englewood neighborhood for $1.

If successful, Emanuel would like to extend the $1 lot idea to other neighborhoods, many of which are black communities. 

From DNAinfo:

The goal of the Large Lot program, according to the mayor’s office, is to move vacant properties into private ownership easily so homeowners and organizations could expand the yards around their homes or even create gardens on their block. The pilot program will be launched in a 13-square-mile area where the city owns more than 5,000 vacant lots.

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Applicants must either own property on the same block, be current on property taxes and have no financial obligations to the city to qualify for the program.

The lots purchased must also be zoned for residential use. Other cities have used $1 lot programs and had mixed success. More information about the program is available on the city’s website.

Thoughts on this effort?

Is selling lots for $1 a good way to revitalize neighborhoods?

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