A new report released by the Heinz Endowments’ African American Men and Boys Task Force delves into media portrayals and perceptions of Black Men.

Audits of media coverage related to Black Men and Boys found that portrayals of Black men are at odds with how African American males and their communities view them.

From The Heinz Endowment’s website:

“The Endowments commissioned two audits to analyze how Pittsburgh newspapers and television newscasts frame stories about African American men and boys. The purpose of the project was to determine what frames/stories exist about African American males; how these stories affect them; and what can be done to develop new frames/stories that can change the way African American men and boys are viewed by others and themselves. Findings were released at a November 2011 symposium hosted by the University of Pittsburgh Office of Public Affairs and funded by the Endowments. The event explored the image of African American men and boys in the media.”

Click the link below to access this fascinating and vital report.

Portrayal and Perception: Two Audits of News Media Coverage of Black Men and Boys