Meek Mill is finally instigating a beef he can win.

After releasing his “4/4” EP, that included a 50 Cent diss track, Meek upped the ante on Instagram by challenging 50 Cent to match his donation to help the people of Flint.

Unfortunately, the match up was not entirely Meek’s idea. The call-to-action was sparked by a Twitter user who asked for the two rappers to put their petty in perspective to stop wasting each other’s, and everyone else’s, time by clowning each other with diss tracks.

The city of Flint has been facing a water crisis after a decision was made to have local resident drink local river water instead of treated water from Detroit to save money. The highly corrosive river water affected the pipes, leaking increased levels of lead into the water. According to the EPA, 5 parts per billion of lead in water there is cause for concern. Flint water is nearly five times this level at 27 parts per billion, with the highest level found by researches last Spring to have been 13,000 parts per billion, the Washington Post reported.

Lead poisoning can lead to brain and kidney damage, in addition to cardiovascular problems. A spike in cases of Legionnaire’s disease—87 total, 10 of which were fatal—have also been tied to the water’s toxicity.

President Barack Obama met with the Flint Mayor Karen Weaver on Tuesday, according to ABC News. This weekend, the president declared a state of emergency for the city, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been authorized to give $5 million as a relief effort.

By doing the dozens for donations, 50 Cent and Meek have the chance to survive each other and help save lives in the process.

At the moment, 50 Cent doesn’t see this as more than opportunism.

Nonetheless, regardless of Meek’s intentions, the impact outweighs the ego. Let’s hope they can both put the petty the side in the fight for Flint.

Photo credit: Tumblr