Yesterday we told you about the shooting of 17 year-old Jordan Davis, who was gunned down in an SUV by 45 year-old Michael Dunn after an argument about loud music.

Robin Lemonidis, Dunn’s attorney, is now speaking to the press, imploring us not to compare this tragedy to the Trayvon Martin case.

According to Lemonidis, his client is not a vigilante.

From CNN:

“That’s ridiculous. Michael is not a vigilante,” the attorney said. “He’s a brilliant software developer. It was never his intention to kill anyone.”

The attorney said she is contemplating what defense she will use if the case goes to trial.

“Self defense applies because Mr. Dunn was threatened,” Lemonidis said. “We can’t say what the defense will be at this stage … but stand your ground is a possibility.”

Meanwhile, Jordan Davis’ father has also spoken out, contending that his son was not a gang member and did not own a gun.

“He did something that there was no defense for,” the father said of the suspect.

Ron Davis said his son didn’t own any guns, wasn’t part of a gang and was a good kid. When Dunn pulled out the gun, the teens’ initially thought it was a fake then frantically tried to back up the car before being caught in the gunfire, Ron Davis said.

The father said he talked to two of the teens who were in the car, and they are “really shaken.”


Do you see any real differences between the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis?

Will Michael Dunn be convicted?

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