A woman has started a petition in hopes of getting her son’s sentence commuted.

Three years ago Michael Giles was attacked while standing outside a nightclub in Tallahassee, Florida.

He claimed defense under the “Stand Your Ground” law, but was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

From Change.org:

 His attacker admitted in open court that he attacked Michael with no provocation.

Michael’s attacker admitted he was angry that someone had interrupted his dance, and wanted to hurt the next person he saw. That next person standing to the side, not partaking in the violence, was Michael. His attacker was not fighting alone, state witnesses testified that there were between 30-40 people involved in the brawl. The state’s own witnesses also testified that the aggressor instigated several other fights that night, and was acting erratically and violently. His attacker’s own friend testified she was worried the aggressor would kill or seriously injure someone. In comparison, state witnesses testified that Michael, was calmly standing to the side, and did nothing to provoke the attack. He had no prior criminal offenses, no history of violence, and was a outstanding father and Airman. So we do not understand how the state of Florida could sentence him to a mandatory 25 years for defending himself.

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The controversial “Stand Your Ground” law has come under scrutiny due to the Trayvon Martin case.

Another Florida woman, Marissa Alexander was also denied the “Stand Your Ground” defense and is currently serving 20 years in prison.

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