It was recently reported that Detroit Public Schools may be in danger of closing after April 8 due to a lack of funding and an inability to pay staff. It appeared that the only way to keep the school system open through the end of the school-year was for the state of Michigan to provide nearly $50 million.

Thursday, March 17, the Michigan House of Representatives passed a vote of 104-5 to allocate $48.7 to DPS, according to the Detroit Free Press.

“On behalf of everyone who has an interest in the successful future of DPS, I would express my gratitude to the Michigan House, and express our hope that the Michigan Senate will promptly consider and give final approval to this legislation so that we can finish the school year,” Judge Steven Rhodes, the transition manager for the Detroit Public Schools, told the Free Press.

With DPS at risk of closing in less than a month, legislature saw it necessary to find a solution sooner rather than later given that it goes through a two-week spring break starting on March 24.

“I’m thankful the Michigan House took vital action today to keep students and teachers in their classrooms in Detroit,” said Gov. Rick Snyder, who first approved the $50 million in emergency funding. “While a long-term legislative fix is urgently needed to address the challenges that are holding Detroit students back, this $50-million supplemental is a key first step.”

The House also approved placing the school district under a new financial review commission by a vote of 66-43.

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons