After last Wednesday’s Million Student March demonstrations on college campuses across the country, Fox News host Neil Cavuto invited student organizer Darletta Scruggs on his show to discuss the main points of the actions, which are free college, cancellation of student loan debt, mandatory $15 minimum hourly wage for all campus workers, and divestment from private prisons by all colleges and universities. While Cavuto attempted to over talk Scruggs and redirect the conversation to straw man topics like tax increases and international affairs, Ms. Scruggs stayed on topic and literally schooled him on why free college should be a priority right now.

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Among other things, Scruggs was clear that we live in a capitalistic society which focuses so heavily on profit that many of the issues facing the poorest Americans (who are usually also of color) end up being completely ignored. She explained that spending billions on wars and militarization overseas while students struggle to attend college in the US shows that our priorities are out-of-order. Overall, Cavuto wasn’t ready. Scruggs was.

Watch the interview below:

Photo: YouTube