A Black Panther group in Milwaukee claims that it was harassed by police during a food giveaway event on Dec. 28.

The group, which is associated with the Revolutionary Black Panther Party, was reportedly legally carrying open firearms when police were called, according to Raw Story

“Our mission with the Revolutionary Black Panther Party is simple. It’s to help feed, clothe, train, shelter and defend our people,” General Jamal Canon explained. “And we have the right to do that without any interruption, without any harassment, without any terrorism.”

Cell phone footage captured the altercation where one person was arrested, a shotgun was taken away and later returned and a 10-year-old child was elbowed in the mouth by an officer, leaving her with a “busted lip.” The child’s mother plans to pursue legal action.

“Because we open carry, it does not mean we are looking for a fight. We are peaceful unless we need to be otherwise,” member Vaun Mayes added. “Weapons were taken illegally. One was returned. The other was held, along with our comrade who was taken on a petty warrant,” he told to Fox 6 Now.

Milwaukee police released a statement to explain that came to the scene because a call was made.

“Milwaukee police responded to a subject with a gun call. Officers monitored a group of armed demonstrators and encountered a subject who was unsafely handling a firearm,” the statement read.

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons