On a rare occasion, such as this past weekend, I happened to be listening to the radio. I was tuned into 107.5 WGCI and there I heard an ad for their annual concert, The Big Jam. This event takes place next month on 12/23 at The All State Arena. The lineup includes Mindless Behavior, Young Jeezy, L.E.P Bogus Boys, and headliner, Chicago’ own, R. Kelly. Growing up as a teenager, GCI was my favorite radio station and I made it my duty to attend several Big Jam concerts. They always featured some of my favorite artists and stars including Beyonce, LL Cool J, Ciara, Ludacris, Shawnna, Twista and others.


I was very excited to hear that Mindless Behavior is performing because I’m actually a supporter of their music. These are young pop/R&B boys whose music and message is directed towards young people and teenagers. I’m a HUGE supporter of Young Jeezy and would willingly go to his concerts, any day of the week. However, I must admit that I found it disturbing that Clear Channel (parent company who owns 107.5, 103.5 and 102.7) would book a concert featuring R.Kelly as the headlining artist especially with his controversial background with young women. R. Kelly was acquitted of all charges brought against him based off pictures found in his Florida residence, as well as the infamous sex tape that floated around the country in 2002 which showed someone that resembled the singer having sex with an underage girl. This past is not to be overlooked.


I am concerned about the content of R. Kelly’s music and its impact on young boys and girls at this concert. This is because, although Kellz is the “King of R&B,” his lyrics are sex driven and promotes promiscuity. I think that it was an overlook on Clear Channel’s part to book R.Kelly and Mindless Behavior in the same concert when it is obvious that the young group’s core fanbase is young girls and women under the age of 21. If I was a mother, I personally would not bring my daughters to this concert. I don’t think that R. Kelly’s music is kid friendly and I think this concert sends various mixed messages. Jeezy raps about “trapping” aka selling drugs, Kellz sings about “sex in the kitchen” and Mindless Behavior who are 13 and 14 year old heartthrobs sing about ” girls, girls they love me,” which is absolutely true, I adore them. Parents we have to watch our children. Children we have to listen to our parents.