16 year-old Alicia Chanta Moore went missing on November 2nd after exiting a school bus just a block from her home.

Her body was later found in a trunk off the side of a highway on November 6th.

Her family and community are devastated and want answers from police, whom they feel grossly mismanaged the case.

Specifically, they wonder why the police did not go public with Alicia’s disappearance sooner; and why an Amber Alert wasn’t issued.

From NewsOne:

Derrica Wilson, co-founder of the Black and Missing Foundation, told NewsOne she’s not surprised to hear that the family was concerned about police efforts.

It was quite disturbing to us to see that Alicia’s case didn’t warrant an Amber Alert or receive attention from national news, although it was very similar to Jessica Ridgeway‘s case, the Colorado girl who disappeared early October 2012 and an Amber Alert was issued,” said Wilson.

“We need law enforcement, media, and our community to get involved in these cases immediately.  Our children are not all runaways and that could be the reason why so many of our children are disappearing; the predators recognize that our missing children are classified as “runaways”; therefore, they think no one is looking for them. They are certainly not making the news,” Wilson added.

Moore’s funeral is planned for Saturday. The community held a rally Saturday in the girl’s honor. Several hundred people marched while wearing purple, the teen’s favorite color.

Wilson said African-American families must be willing to take their concerns to the next level if they feel they aren’t being properly addressed.

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Our thoughts and prayers are with Alicia Chanta Moore’s family and friends during this very difficult time.

Rest in peace, Alicia.

Did the police mismanage the disappearance on Alicia Chanta Moore?

How can we ensure that missing young people of color receive the national media attention they deserve?

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