From the SMH files: Shannon Cooper was arrested for being a proud mother. Although the audience had been warned that they would be thrown out of the graduation for cheering during the awarding of diplomas, probably none imagined cheering would result in being arrested.

“[Cooper] was arrested for cheering too loudly during the graduation. The mother says her daughter deserved the encouragement. But-police say parents were warned.

‘I got up and I said ‘yay my baby made it,’ said Shannon Cooper. ‘Yes!’ Just a regular cheer.’

Those few words landed cooper in handcuffs. Police charged her with disorderly conduct at her daughter, Iesha’s, graduation at the Florence Civic Center.

Parents were warned not to cheer for the graduates or they would be thrown out. When Iesha walked across the stage to get her diploma, Shannon did it anyway.

”Don’t scream, don’t cheer.’ No, I’m thinking in my mind,’ said Cooper. ‘No, I’mma cheer because, you know, I went through too much to get her to this point. I can’t show my excitement? I can’t cheer? I can’t applaud her letting her know yes, I’m so proud of you, like all the other years when people graduate. How can I not cheer for my child?'”

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Cooper remained in jail for several hours before paying $225 in order to be released.

A ruined high school graduation? Priceless.

Since when is being loud and proud a crime?

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