Burglars usually break into homes to steal THINGS, but in this case, a man was after Shawndrea Smith’s two sons.

Let’s just say that she wasn’t having it. 

While relaxing in her home with her sons Friday,  a strange man entered Smith’s home and accused her of taking his children.

From WSBTV.com:

“(He) stated that my kids are not mine and I took them from him,” she said. That’s when she says he went to the next room and grabbed both boys by the arms. “That’s when I just lost it a little bit,” Smith said. Smith then started hitting and pushing the suspect down the stairs and out of the front door. “I said a few choice words and got him out my house,” she said. Neighbors saw what they first thought was a domestic dispute, but then realized what was going on and saw the suspect running down the street.

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Neighbor Jean-Claude Thomas heard the commotion and chased down the suspect who is now in custody on charges of kidnapping and burglary.

A very bizarre yet heroic incident to endure. 

Kudos to Shawdrea Smith for not allowing fear to overcome her.

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