Four Morehouse students–three basketball players and one football player–have been charged with rape in two separate cases.

The alleged victim is an 18 year-old Spelman student.

The accusations were brought to campus police, and all four were subsequently arrested. Each has since been released on $100,000 bail.


From Atlanta Daily World:


[T]he reported incident happened in December before students left campus for winter break at a Morehouse residential living facility for the school’s upperclassmen. The building has a total capacity of 372 students and a number of the accused athletes lived there.


The alleged victim is an 18-year-old female student at Spelman who says she was held against her will inside a room at the residential community on the night of the alleged incident. According to Morehouse College Police arrest warrants and incident reports, the three allegedly had non-consenting sex with the Spelman student who was under the influence of an unknown substance.


“She wasn’t able to communicate or answer questions,” said the source who told the Daily World that he spoke with her following the incident.


The four suspects are three juniors and a senior who have played on the College’s football and basketball teams. The basketball players named were Malcom Jamal Frank, a junior; Tevin Mgbo, also a junior; and senior Chukwudi Ndudikwa. The named football player was Lucien Kidd, who was previously identified as a freshman, but played for Morehouse his freshman year in 2010. All of them face rape charges, except for Mgbo.


In a statement issued Wednesday afternoon, school officials acknowledged that there were “two alleged assault incidents involving Morehouse students,” in March and that the school is working with the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.


We will continue to update you as details emerge.