“The Maroon Tiger,” Morehouse College’s student newspaper, has released their version of ESPN’s “The Body Issue” in response to apprehension of HBCUs when discussing issues related to black sexuality and bodies.

Out of the college’s 146 year existence, just last year the institution started to open up about black sexuality by adding a LGBT studies course to its curricula.

Other black institutions have followed suit, but the process is still very slow.

From The Maroon Tiger:

‘The Body Issue’ has emerged as potential for an important rallying point for discussions related to identity, sexuality, mental health, wellness, and radical self-love. The special edition, and first of its kind for a college publication, will feature thirty students from Morehouse and Spelman who agreed to pose nude and tell their own stories of overcoming abuse, addiction, depression, and a variety of other issues. For others, this was an important moment to challenge and affirm their identity.

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The 12-page edition features a variety of body types and articles. Topics range from cultural perceptions of weight in other countries, to personal narratives of overcoming eating disorders and other psychological illnesses.

Thoughts on the spread?

Why do you think black bodies and sexuality is such a taboo topic among black universities?

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