Tonia Stevens lost her 16-year-old son Monday night after an off-duty police officer shot and killed him during a robbery attempt at a gas station in Chicago.

Instead of Stevens feeling anger at the officer, she said that her son had been in trouble with the law for years, and doesn’t blame to officer for shooting him. 

From CBS News:

Deonta Dwight Mackey died after he held an off-duty Cook County Sheriff’s sergeant at gunpoint while the officer was pumping gas at a Citgo on the South Side. […] “To the correctional officer. I don’t have no hate in my heart, for what he did,” Stevens said.. “He was out doing a criminal act.”

“I’m not one of those parents. I’m not. Everybody knows me. I’m not one of those parents. I promote fairness,” she added.

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Surveillance footage shows Mackey holding the officer up at gunpoint and demanding his wallet during an attempted car-jacking. He was accompanied by two more males who fled the scene after Mackey was shot.

Stevens said her son had been in trouble with the law since age 11. “It’s just sad that the peer pressure is winning the streets,” said Stevens to CBS.

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