Last week, Mister Cee resigned from his position as a DJ at New York’s Hot 97 amid allegations that he had solicited sex from a transgender person. 

Now he’s released a Public Service Announcement promoting sexual freedom and safety.

From The Drop:

In a public service announcement for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Mister Cee states that it was the support of family and friends that helped him come clean about his sexual [orientation] and he encourages viewers to be honest about their sexuality as well. “We all have a right to a sexual life that’s free from shame and disease,” Mister Cee said, referring to this need for change as the sexual revolution. At the same time, he stresses the need for sexual safety. Mister Cee drops some stunning statistics as well, reminding us that 1,000 youths are infected with HIV each month and how one in three new infections occur in people between the ages of 13-24.

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Mister Cee also stressed the importance of knowing how dangerous lack of knowledge can be. Young black and Latino women represent over 70 percent of sexually transmitted infections in their age group.

Check out the PSA here. 

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