NAACP wants to pass torch to a new generation
Rick Montgomery and Glenn E. Rice, The Kansas City Star | July 11, 2010

Social media, they had down. Social justice, that was another matter.

For 29 high school students of all backgrounds who gathered last month at a leadership camp addressing “social justice issues,” the phrase meant different things to different youth. To most, it meant nothing at all.

Equal opportunity, they understood. Dissent, they shared with Facebook friends.

But civil rights? Dominating that discussion were their views on sexual orientation, illegal immigration and the rich versus the rest — not race.

“Early on you heard, ‘Racism doesn’t affect me,’ ” said Andrea Pantoja, who coordinated the weeklong Youth Leadership Institute for Kansas City Harmony, dedicated to improving race relations.

The NAACP, trying mightily to win over the young, appears to be facing yet another struggle. (Read the full article)