Escobar season has returned, ladies and gentlemen.

Allow me to present to you a brand new music video from Nas.

Now you see this, people?

THIS is how you make Hip Hop that’s dope and has sociopolitical relevance.

Check out the video for Nas’ “Nasty” below.

“Nasty” is truly a breath of fresh air. It goes in the complete opposite direction of Jay and ‘Ye’s wealth-wallowing Watch The Throne.

Nas begins the video decked out in diamonds and furs in the back seat of a limo, surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women. Over the course of the video he strips away these meaningless, worthless status symbols, giving them away to random people on the streets of his Queensbridge hometown.

And he does all of this while spittin’ red hot FIYAH over a hard-as-nails, old school beat. Perfection.

The “Nasty” video is a statement about what really matters: family, community, humility and respect.

The money? ….A welcome bonus.

What do you think of Nas’ latest? Sound off below!

Nas’ “Nasty”