In honor of National Poetry Month, here’s a list a few great poets of our generation. 

Malcolm London: poet activist, BYP 100 member

Malcolm London, called the Gil-Scott Heron of this generation by Cornel West, is a young Chicago poet, educator, & activist. Malcolm appears on PBS for the first TED Talk television program with John Legend & Bill Gates. He has shared stages with actor Matt Damon, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt & Lupe Fiasco a part of the The People Speak, Live! cast. He appears on Season 2 of TVOne’s Verses & Flow. Winner of Louder Than A Bomb Poetry Festival 2011 taking first place as individual & with his team, has performed in venues across the country, with singer Robin Thicke, Carl Thomas & Saul Williams.

Watch Malcolm’s TED Talk and performance of “High School Training Ground”:

Victoria Liddell: poet, motivational speaker, model

Victoria Liddell dedicates her life to inspiring others to want nothing more than to become a better them! The Milwaukee-based poet, author and model has performed all across the nation, leaving a lasting impression on each audience she graces. As the founder of Runway 2 Victory, Liddell takes an active role in coaching young girls in the profession of modeling, starting with building inner confidence first.

Check out Victoria’s poem, “True Love: God’s Victory”

Storie Devereaux: singer, songwriter, poet, entrepreneur

Critically noted, a lyrically gifted songwriter, spoken word Artist, and Vocalist, Chicago native Storie Devereaux has been known to embody the name she denotes. Using monologue style performances immersed in Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Poetry, Swing, Big Band with a sprinkle of Hip-Hop elements and harmonies, this “storieteller” is undeniably a diamond in the rough.” Whether in an acoustic setting, or music hall, Storie’s music carries a message of love that speaks directly into the life of this Artist. With 8 years of experience, Storie’s first recorded single, “Autumn” released in late 2012 under the Independent Label MahoganyRed Music LLC, set the tone for her success.

Check out Storie’s poem, “When ‘Windy’ Gets Cold”

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