NBC celebrates Black History Month in a number of ways, but their newest vertical NBCBLK is offering some special.

Starting on the first day of February, BLK released a list, a first of its kind, titled “NBCBLK28” which uses the month to showcase 28 of the nation’s African-American trailblazers who are ages 28 and younger. They have revealed one profile each day thus far, including Zendaya and Mayor Myrick, the city of Ithaca’s youngest Mayor and first Mayor of color.

(Yes, they are aware that there are 29 days this year.)

NBC News’ website explains how they chose the 28 honorees:

“Each of the honorees was chosen by members of the NBC News broadcast and digital teams. Ultimately, they were selected because they are all industry and community leaders who are constantly striving to break barriers and defy stereotypes, redefining what it means to be Black in America today.

Simply put: They are young, gifted, and unapologetically Black.

Their accomplishments are aligned with the NBCBLK mission: Elevating the conversation on black identity, politics, and culture.”

Here are all of the people who NBCBLK is honoring this year.

Zendaya (Coleman)
Svante Myrick
Angelica Nwandu
Roshara Sanders
Cherno Biko
Michael B. Jordan
Jessica Williams
William Calloway
Kid Fury
Amandla Stenberg
Jamira Burley
Jessica Byrd
Brandon Washington
Madison Maxey
Marvin Carr
Will Tarpeh
Nate Howard
Debra Cartwright
Brittany Howard
Alex Peay
Kimberly Drew
Kai Lightner
Rhonesha Byng
Vanessa Newman
Stephen Curry
Ayesha Curry
Rosalyn Gold-Onwude
Cam Newton
Sloane Stephens
Simone Biles

This list also marks the one-year anniversary since NBCBLK was created. It was started in January 2015 in order to provide “comprehensive digital news and coverage and information, leveraging the power and scope of NBCNews.com to reach a large and engaged audience.”

(Photo Credit: NBCBLK)