Shabazz Napier is one of the bet college basketball players in the country. He recently took home the NCAA championship title, but the University of Connecticut point guard recently told reporters that he goes to bed “starving.” 

From CNN:

The remark got the attention of state lawmakers in Connecticut, who are now exploring legislative ways to allow athletes at UConn, a state institution, to unionize — much like athletes are attempting at Northwestern University.

Rep. Matthew Lesser said he and other state lawmakers are considering legislation. Unlike at Northwestern, a private institution governed by the National Labor Relations Board, Connecticut law governs whether employees at a public institution can unionize.

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Watch Napier’s remarks:

Napier also stated that while he doesn’t feel like an employee, players should receive a bit more compensation than what they’re getting.

UConn’s student handbook states that athletes can eat at any of the campus dining halls any time from 7 a.m. to 7:15 p.m.

Should college athletes be granted pay beyond that of a scholarship? If so, what should the compensation be?

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