Netflix and Marvel are running a victory lap side-by-side after all of the success their co-productions. Both seasons of Daredevil have been widely successful, as has the first season of Jessica Jones. Next up in the lineup is Luke Cage, which will premiere on Sept. 30, starring Mike Colter.

An initial teaser showed Luke putting the abilities he was given as the world’s first bullet-proof black man to the test with ODB playing in the background.  Today, Netflix released a full trailer that’s even better than the first one. 

The trailer features Luke using his powers of super-strength and invulnerability on numerous occasions, while also giving glimpses of other important supporting characters, such as Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson), Misty Knight (Simone Missick) and Cornell “Cottonmouth” (Mahershala Ali).

We’ve got kingpins with Notorious B.I.G. paintings in their office, barbershop brawls and even a nod to Luke’s OG days where he walked around in metal bracelets and a tiara.

Check out the full trailer for yourself below.

Photo Courtesy: YouTube