It’s a standard tradition for championship teams to visit the sitting President of the United States at the White House and pose for a photo. They often award him with his very own jersey.

But the United States hasn’t ever had a president like Donald Trump and tradition’s likely to get thrown out of the window at any moment. 

Martellus Bennett, a tight end for the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, has stated that he doesn’t plan to go with his teammates to visit the White House.

The decision is a powerful one regardless, but even more so given that the Patriots owner Bob Kraft, head coach Bill Belichick and star quarterback Tom Brady are all noted supporters of Donald Trump.

Just after the Patriots pulled off possibly the biggest Super Bowl win of all-time, Bennett told the Dallas Morning News that the doesn’t let their differing political beliefs get in the way of their ultimate goal of winning games.

“You just don’t bring that to work,” Bennett told Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News. “We all have our beliefs. We accept people for who they are.”

It wouldn’t be surprising if Bennett’s decision inspired a couple other teammates to do the same. But we all know Brady will probably be front and center shaking hands with the president.

Photo Credit: Instagram